DermaPrime: the Promise of Beauty

DermaPrime is a 99% vegan beauty brand and has been the permanent house brand of beauticians all over the world since 1984. From the start, the Dutch head office has taken control of a Swiss laboratory and production unit to ensure quality at every level. DermaPrime lovers unanimously agree on the quality, the results, the competitive pricing and the extensive range of treatments and products By being at the forefront of the beauty launch process, DermaPrime is able to offer concepts for every age group and provide solutions to a wide range of skin questions.

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Quality brand DermaPrime positions itself in salons. A conscious choice, because we know that only the professional beautician is competent to make the customer's beauty rituals his own. We are happy to map out the entire beauty journey with you, from skin analysis to treatment, from product advice to working on results at home.

The best compliment? The large number of loyal fans who are particularly enthusiastic about how disruptive skin problems such as acne disappear like snow in the sun and how the brand manifests itself as an anti-aging expert.


Together we are strong

DermaPrime believes in partnership. We take our role as producer and supplier very seriously and therefore service - in the same breath as marketing - is important in our strategy. Together with you, we do everything to make business success happen. Intensive cooperation is a priority for us.

We would also like to hear feedback; what is needed for you as a beauty professional. Online education, coaching, materials ... we like to hear what we can do for you. Our account managers know all about it!

DermaPrime in your salon